Co Curriculars

A wide range of sports and games as well as myriad co curricular activities are taken up by the School. Students regularly take part in literary, cultural and artistic competitions following a House System. The Sports Day function is the most important event in the School Calendar showcasing events like Mass P.T, March Past, Dances, Music, Athletics, Gymnastics and Aerobics.


The School views the spirit of sportsmanship as a mark of leadership, courage, discipline and team work. It has a PTI and support staff to support the physical activity programme that includes games like basketball, football, volleyball and athletics. The infrastructure for sports includes a foot ball field, separate basket ball courts for juniors and seniors and four volley ball courts. There is a separate hall for indoor games like Table Tennis. Gymnastics as a soft adventure activity is passionately pursued and is supervised by a trained instructor. Sports camps are organised in the evening and during the vacations.